Reflections on water, glass etc.

This diptych is refelections on a restaurant window.  The window is curved, distorting everything.  There is a lot of action in these shots, cars, people, reflections on reflections and of course a "selfie".

I was sitting at the kitchen table when I looked at the teapot.  Wow!!! I wonder how that would look as a photograph.  I pick up the camera, compose the shot, and click, this is the result.
Believe it or not, this is a reflection of the lightbulb in the
kitchen reflecting in my coffee.  Another one of  those
moments.  There is always something of interest to
photograph, even something as simple as this.

This is a scanned copy of a negative taken in 1977 with my Pentax Spotmatic.
This shot to quote my daughter Gillian, " defines everything that I like: photography, refections and cars."
Back for more of the restaurant window.  This spot is amazing.  Everything is in constant change; every shot is going to have different components even if shot seconds apart.