Lanscapes and Cityscapes

Flat Iron Building at King, Front and Church Streets.
A view looking west from Toronto's CN Tower

Looking along John Street

Looking into the downtown core.

Looking down at the Edge Walkers.  This is a new feature at the Tower, you are tethered and walk around the tower, you even get to put you toes on the edge and lean out backwards.

An old shed located in Prince Edward County Nature Preserve.

The Princes Gates at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto Ontario

The walkway between buildings at St.Michael's Hospital on Shuter Street.

Toronto skyling from Polson Pier.

Union Station, Toronto - 8mm fisheye.

BCE place in Toronto

Most of the Bank towers in Toronto

Reflections, one of my favourite subjects, this is with an 8mm - 180deg fisheye

Reflections in the glass at McGowan Road in Scarborough
Cedar Crest Beach Road in Bowmanville on a rainy and foggy January day.  This is the spot where the East Side Marsh flows into Lake Ontario.