Macro Photography

Portulaca just starting to open, they close-up at night and open in the morning sun.  This shot has extensive work in photoshop to achieve the desired effect.

This is a similar flower in an earlier stage of opening.

I was out photographing Dragonflies when I noticed this one lonely Wild Carrot (also called Queen Anne's Lace).  The black background was stand of Cedar trees in heavy shadow.

I think these are a wild Iris.  I found them growing in the grass at High Park last spring.
These Black Eyed Susans were at the side of a country road, and I couldn't resist photographing them. I was looking for birds, alas no birds that co-operated by having their picture taken.  Still a successful outing.
Triptych of Crabapple berries taken after a rainfall in December.
These are Crabapple Blossoms and berries in various stages throughtout the year.
Blue Flowers from the garden.  I do not know what they are called.
Went out to the local pond to photograph ducks and came home with some Mallard feathers.  I photographed these using a light box for back lighting.

A Twelve Spotted Skimmer photographed at Enniskillen Pond

Not sure whether this is the front or back of the Praying Mantis' head!!!

This Praying Mantis found me, he flew into my arm, and was swatted to the ground before I new what he really was.  I picked it up and placed it in many locations for this photo opportunity.

Praying Mantis giving us the eye.  Hand-held.  Should have had my tripod.

This photograph was taken at the Windmill Ranch, part of the Carden Nature Area which is
part of an inititive for a place to enjoy nature in its natural setting.