Air Shows and Airplanes

Royal Canadian Air Force (yes the have changed it back to RCAF) F18 Hornet in the commerative colours to remember the troops in Afganistan.  This was taken at the CNE airshow.
The Heavy Metal Jet Team is a group of civilian pilots and are based in Pennsylvania, they performed at the CNE this year, what an amazing display of flying.

This was the final fly-by of the Heavy Metal Jet Team.  They are flying at 90 degrees from level flight and in very tight formation.  I had a perfect vantage point this year, these shots are not cropped.  They are also in colour the planes where painted in various shades of gray.

The following shots of the Snowbirds are a perfect example of the smog around the city of Toronto, the initial shots above where shot a lot closer than the Snowbirds there was less distance to pick up smog,  All of the photographs where taken with the same lens at the same focal length and as you can see there are more airplanes in the shot therefore the distance is greater.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

The Snowbirds as usual where the closing act of the 2011 CNE airshow.  They put on a  very impressiver display as you can see from the above shots.  There are usually 9 Snowbirds but one of the could not fly that day for some reason.

Harvards on the climb at Brantford Air Show.
Harvards crossing over coming out of an inside loop at Brantford Air Show.
Harvards in a steep dive at Brantford Air Show.
Harvards starting a roll at Brantford Air Show.
Harvards at the CNE Air Show.

This is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Lancaster Bomber.  There are only 2 Lancasters in flying condition left out of the many thousands of them built. This particular shot was taken at the Brantford Air Show.

This is the Consolidated PBY - 5 A Canso from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  This is on its flyby at the Brantford Airshow. 

This is the Mitchell B25 Bomber, also from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, and at the Brantford Air Show.   I purposely added grain and processed in B&W trying to capture the era in which the plane was built.
This is the Emirates Airbus A380-800 on final approach to runway 23.  This is the only A380 landing at Pearson, it does so every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon at approximately 3:30 - 3:45 pm.  It also leaves Toronto at about 7pm on the same days.

This is the Emirates Airbus A380-800 on route from Dubai, about to land in Toronto.

This is Emirates Airbus A380-800 about to fly over my head on the way to runway 23 at  Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

This is the Emirates Airbus A380-800 just crossing Airport Road about to land on runway 23.